Gourmia GEG1400 Electric Raclette Party Grill

Want to enliven your party dinner?

Try raclette.

Wait, what exactly is raclette?

Raclette refers to a grill on which you can create various tasty recipes. What distinguishes a raclette from others is that you can prepare food for a large number of people. And, you can have fun and prepare your own combinations.

Not every electric raclette party grill comes equally. The high-quality raclette grill should the one that offers you with all the options you need for throwing a party with your kith and kin. The raclette grill I’m reviewing in this article offers exactly what you need to host a party for up to up to 10 people! And, the raclette grill is the Gourmia GEG1400. Let’s find out more about it:

Who is the Gourmia GEG1400 for?

  • Looking to take the backyard partying to the next level this summer? Then, bring home the Gourmia GEG1400 that will surely give the crowd a reason to look at you differently.
  • Just sticking to steak and potatoes? Nah, you can prepare more than just steak and potatoes. You can grill everything from steak to seafood easily with the grill.


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Fun is what defines a party. And, the Gourmia GEG1400, that is so fun and interactive to handle will be your great party helper. The expertise of sharing recipes joins people in a more pleasant manner. Imagine everyone gathering around the grill, and praising your cooking skill. Yes, created for serving up to 10 people, the raclette grill will create an amazing party atmosphere in no time.


The Gourmia GEG1400 measuring 18.2 inches x 18.2 inches x 11 inches is really an ideal size for serving up to 10 people. Wondering why type of food you could cook on the grill top? A wide range of food! From small pieces of meat, to seafood and to veggies, you could grill them on the raclette grill. No matter what you grill on the surface of the Gourmia GEG1400, you can adjust the temperature accordingly with the easy-to-control dial. With the dial, you cook perfectly without overheating.

Nonstick Surface

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can grill effortlessly with its stick-resistant grill top. The Gourmia GEG1400 has a nonstick, smooth surface to fry pancakes, eggs creeps and much more.


  • Ideal raclette for serving up to 10 people
  • Suitable for preparing a wide variety of food items
  • Easy control dial for perfect cooking


Q: What are the grill’s dimensions?

A: Product Dimensions: 18.2 inches x 18.2 inches x 11 inches.

Q: Who manufactured the product?

A: Gourmia.

Q: How much does it weigh?

A: It weighs 7.05 lbs.

Final Verdict

To truly enjoy the party you’re throwing, consider bringing a raclette grill to your home. It can give a new dimension to your backyard partying and give, your neighbors stories to share. The raclette grill I have reviewed is suitable for a home party and equipped with all the accessories required to offer a complete raclette experience.

If you wish to learn more about the Gourmia GEG1400, visit Amazon for more reviews.

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