How To Kill a Rat Hidden in Your Kitchen

Do you have a rat infestation in the kitchen?

Well, rats can be found anywhere in a home depending on how the building is designed. But, they seem to like the kitchen more than anywhere else. It is because they can sneak in and pilfer food from there. No matter where the kitchen is located, they will find out about it sooner or later. If you have suffered a rat outbreak, then you know how annoying it is to see them crawling around and stealing food. So, how can you get rid of rats in the kitchen? Follow the methods listed below:

Trap the Rats

yes, that’s the most common solution that comes to mind. But, how many have actually caught a rat? Chances are not many. Because many people fail to set up the trap correctly in the first place.

First of all, you will hardly catch any Rat if you set up the trap in an open space. Because rats don’t like to crawl across open spaces. They rather utilize the dark, congested and quite a space to scamper across. So, place your trap in the oven or in the kitchen cabinets. Or, set up the trap where you have seen the signs of frequent activity in the kitchen.

While handling the trap, do not touch it with your bare fingers or gloves. They tend to carry the human scent. So, handle the trap with a couple of piles of paper. The rat’s sense of smell is pretty infallible. So, avoid touching the trap directly. If you are able to trap a rat, it is most likely to die on its own within 2 days. Because rats are habitual to live outside their territory. If you want a rat to die instantly, there are several types of lethal traps out there.

Poison the Rats

yes, rat poison is deadly. But, it is rather an effective way to kill a rat. Because most types of rat poison do not kill rats instantly. Rat poison just leads to slow painful death. So, what’s wrong with it? Rats that do not die from the poison instantly will die in the attic or in such a congested space that you’ll find it difficult to get it out. In the meantime, you’ll have to endure horrible stink. And, if you add the poison to human food used as bait, the rat is likely to drag the food across the floor, making the room harmful for kids, pets or adults.

Rat Zapper

if you find setting up a trap hassling, then try using a rat zapper. It encases a metal tunnel, including the bait. When a rat enters the zapper for the bait, a jolt of electricity will kill it instantly. The rat zapper will transmit a signal to your “rat tale” pager informing you of the rat. Just empty the device by lifting the back door and reset it.

Bottom Line – you can’t eliminate rats completely with the methods listed above. To get rid of the rats completely, you need to discover the root cause of the infestation. Like all animals, they come from outside. So, you need seal your building. Close all the openings, and holes and find out how they are getting inside. That’s it, no more rats crawling in or out!

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