Top 5 Cast-Iron Grill Pans in 2017

Do you want a pan that actually fortifies your food?

How would it sound to have a pan that is easy to clean and naturally nonstick?

Growing up in the wide open space of California, I came in contact with many different cultures. I became acquainted with the Spanish, the Mexican, the French, the Chinese and many more.

And, I have found there’s nothing that could bind us together as different types of recipes did. The joy of teaching each other a variety of recipes and preparing them is extraordinary. Food is something we all can welcome without having our personal tenets invaded. And, the joy of sharing is what made California a true melting pot of cultures.

So, what does that have to do with my article?

While cooking techniques may differ among cultures, cooking utilities remained the same. And, one type of cookware that’s popular no matter what the culture is, is cast-iron cookware. Cooking with cast-iron cookware is a style that’s been around for over 100 years.

With the advent of modern technology, like many things, cast-iron cookware nearly went obsolete. We have see the emergence of stainless steel, aluminum, Gotham steel cookware for the last 2 decades. So, you may find cooking with cast-iron grill pans is an old-fashioned choice. However, cast iron cookware is making a comeback.


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So, what compels famed chefs and indoor cooking enthusiasts to go for cast iron grill pans?

In short, staying healthy.

At least, that’s true for my case. Apart from the cultural connection, I grew up cooking in cast iron cookware. As the trend of cooking a variety of dishes increased, your kitchen is incomplete without a grill pan. And, the cast iron grill pan will remain the most popular as far as grilling indoors is concerned.

In this article, I explored everything you need to know about cast iron grill pans. In addition to finding the best-cast iron grill pans for your needs, I compiled the best 5 cast iron grill pans you can choose from. So, let’s explore:

How Can You Find the Best Cast Iron Grill Pan?

Cast iron grill pans come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can find new cast-iron grill pans, as well as old ones. There are many things you need to consider when purchasing the best cast iron grill pan for you. Here are the considerations:

  • Weight – the weight is a major factor you need to consider when purchasing a cast iron grill pan. Cast iron grill pans tend to be heavy. The heavier cookware tends to deliver more heat and a more genuine iron cooking. If you’re worried about weight, recent advances made in the casting of metal led to lighter cast iron grill pan options. Even if you don’t find a lighter one, just adjust to the heaviness.
  • Handles & Knobs – since cast iron grill pans tend to be heavy, you need to consider handles and suitable for lifting. Handles and knobs are equally as important to maneuver the cookware. If your grill pan doesn’t have suitable handles and knobs, it may lead to serious accident. Examine the spots where you will put your hand on while cooking. The spots should have a heat-resistant cover or potholder to cover it.

#Pro Tip: look for a cast iron grill pan with double handles. The double handles will allow you to balance the pan more easily when it’s being heated up or transported.

  • Cost – cast iron grill pans will cost you less than their modern counterparts. However, the prices will always depend on the brand. Remember, just because a cast-iron grill pan is cheaper, doesn’t mean it will be less effective.

For example: Lodge is synonymous with the American cast iron industry. And, for decades, they have been manufacturing skillets that are affordable.

  • Bare or Enamel? – cast iron grill pans come in two distinctive styles: bare and enamel-coated. Which one should you choose?

Bare iron products tend to be more reactive when heated compared to other items. You’ll have to season the product to make it truly nonstick. Bare items are usually cheaper.

On the other hand, enamel or porcelain coated items are nonstick immediately you unbox them. They are non-reactive. Although you won’t have to season an enamel item, it does need regular maintenance to keep the finish viable.

In both cases, you need to take a good care of them in order to use them for around a century.

Top 5 Cast-Iron Grill Pans

Cast-iron grill pans are undoubtedly durable, extremely useful and efficient. A cast iron grill pan is dubbed the workhorse of any kitchen or the relic of the past. Whatever it may be called, to glorify your kitchen, you must a cast iron skillet. But, which one should you buy? Here are the top 5 choices for you:


1. Lodge L8SGP3 Cast Iron Square Grill Pan


cast iron grill pan


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How many times have your kids or friends pleaded to with you to treat them in a fancy restaurant? Chances are a quite number of times. Now you can be able to restaurant quality foods right in your home. How?

The grill pan that is ranked #1 in my list has everything you need to prepare delicious meals indoors! The grill pan is made of solid cast iron with large grooves designed in the center. The large grooves can deliver can the grilling stripes you only see at fancy restaurants. I sometimes find the grooves harder to clean out, but they combine taste, aesthetics, and healthiness.

Therefore, cleaning out is worth the effort. The full deep rivets on the bottom are a blessing for my healthy eating. Since they let me cook food without having them simmered in the excess juices. Not only does the skillet make healthy foods, but it also delivers leaner meats that taste delicious. I adore the 10.5-inch cooking surface. It provides me with all corners needed to have food cooked well.

What I like about it

  • Comes pre-seasoned
  • Excellent for low-fat cooking
  • Compatible with a variety of ranges
  • Distributes heat evenly all across

What I dislike about it

  • Clean-up can be a hassle
  • Emits a bit of smoke when grilling


2. Lodge P12SGR3 Pro-Logic Cast Iron Square Grill Pan

cast iron grill pan

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Who wants to wait when preparing your favorite foods? Nobody does. And, the grill pan I’m introducing to you is Lodge Cast Iron grill pan that comes pre-seasoned.

It comes with a vegetable oil formula. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about further coating the pan with oil. I’m constantly amazed at the fact that it heats up pretty fast. Thanks to its durable cast iron material. In addition to helping your pan heat up fast, it ensures equal heat distribution.

If you are worried about it taking up more space, then relax! The grill pan has the long handle with a convenient hole. My kitchen is a congested one. So, I’m happy that I’m able to hang it up effortlessly. A handy helper handle is really convenient for me to lift this grill pan. You can also use the grill pan in the oven. It will withstand up to 500°.

#Pro Tip: if you find it difficult to wash it, then hand wash the product with warm water for best results.

What I like about it

  • Comes pre-seasoned
  • Durable cast iron construction
  • Convenient hole for easy storage

What I dislike about it

  • Grids are a bit shallow
  • Kind of heavy
  • Clean up can be a pain


3. Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Square Grill Pan


cast iron grill pan Utopia Kitchen


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Utopia Kitchen has built a quite reputation over the years for manufacturing quality cookware. And, this grill pan does no injustice to such reputation. It comes pre-seasoned; just what you need to start cooking right when you take it out of the box.

A secondary short handle and a spout on each make the grill pan more convenient. Furthermore, the grill pan looks great. A black finish makes it an attractive one. The surface looks so appealing as if it is asking you to drop a steak on it. It pre-heats to perfection.

Its attractive cooking surface can be spellbound. So, once you succumb to its spell and drop a steak, it will appreciate you with an almost delicious sizzle! The only complaint I have with this great grill pan is that cleaning up isn’t as easy as you’d want. Since the grill pan comes with a 100% money back guarantee, you can rest assured of the purchase.

What I like about it

  • Comes pre-seasoned
  • Works efficiently for both indoor and outdoor cooking
  • Lighter than other cast iron skillets in the market
  • Retains heat well
  • Has durable construction

What I dislike about it

  • Cleaning up is a pain
  • Doesn’t have a cover or lid


4. Vermi Cast Iron Grill Pan

cast iron grill pan Vremi

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This grill pan is extremely versatile. I usually use it over a campfire. However, its versatility supports a variety of ranges. You can use it on electric or ceramic stovetops. Since it’s specially manufactured for gas cooktops, you will enjoy faster cooking. The grill pan features a pre-seasoned nonstick surface.

If you’re a health-conscious person, you’ll love the fact that it doesn’t require added fats or synthetic coating. The longer you use the pan, the better it gets. The grill pan has an ergonomic handle. I don’t find maneuvering it hassling. The handle also comes with a protective red silicone cover, which ensures comfort and safety.

#Pro Tip: to preserve the coating of the pan, you need to hand-wash the pan. Use mild soap and warm water for best results.

What I like about it

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Comes pre-seasoned
  • Can cook without added fats

What I dislike about it

  • Very heavy
  • Can’t prepare acidic foods without damaging seasoning
  • Can’t be used in the microwave


5. Lodge ECSGP43 Enameled Cast Iron Square Grill Pan


cast iron grill pan


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Lodge offers a wide range of cast iron grill pans. Additionally, they feature several different lines of enamel covered products. I own a couple of Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pans.

And, they are all bare. Only this one is enameled. I usually this grill pan to prepare paninis. But, it also helps grill meats efficiently. When I first started using this skillet, had a couple of burnt incidents.

I used to make a mess out of cheese. But, thanks to this pan’s easy cleanup feature. I cleaned it up easily with minimal effort. The solution I found about burnt cheese is that I started using less cheese and I kept it in the middle to concentrate it in the food and off the grill.

#Pro Tip: for cleanup, heat the pan on medium-high and add 1/4″ to 1/2″ of water in the pan. Scrub the pan with a soft bristled nylon brush.

What I like about it

  • Comes enameled
  • Heats up pretty fast
  • Solid construction

What I dislike about it

  • No pour spout
  • Filmsy handle

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Bottom Line – there are a plethora of benefits in using a cast iron grill pan. Cast iron cookware has been used for thousands of years. Its recent insurgency shows why cast iron is the best. And, a cast iron grill pan can add more value to your cooking than you can imagine. In this article, I curated and compiled the best performing grill pans that you will take your cooking skills to an epic level. So, make sure your cast iron grill pan is one of them.

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