25 Kitchen Safety Tips for Woman and Kids

Yes, cooking is fun! But, the kitchen appliances and tools are not. You are constantly working with hot surfaces, knives, boiling liquid, fire, ovens, electrical appliances, and hot pots. I guess I didn’t miss anything.

But, should this sort of threats really dissuade you from cooking or going near a kitchen? No, it should not! Prioritizing kitchen safety can prevent you and your loved ones from any sort of injury. If you’re heedless for a second, one blunder or slip within a fraction of a second may cause remarkable damage, or serious injury or accidents.

But, what should you be mindful of when cooking or handling kitchen tools or appliances? Developing a good habit of abiding by basic rules of kitchen safety is one way to start. I decorated the article with such basic rules and tips that you can follow for maintaining safety. Let’s find out what they are:

  1. No Place for Kids and Pets – unless kids are helping you out or learning cooking, seal the kitchen off kids and pets. Kids and pets can be a great distraction and may end up hurting themselves. So, keep them out of the kitchen area.
  2. Store Knives in a Drawer – knives conjure up horrible incidents in mind. Knives can cause deadly injuries. So, make sure you keep them out of children’s reach in a drawer.
  3. Don’t Wear Loose Clothes – your clothes accidentally catching fire? Well, nobody wants that to happen. So, remove loose clothing.
  4. Tie your Hair – you don’t want your hair accidentally getting lit on fire. So, keep your hair tied.
  5. Dry your Hands – you can’t grip kitchen pots and tools with slippery hands. So, keep your hands dry when handling them.
  6. Use a Stool – need to reach the countertop? Well, if you can’t quite reach there, use a strong stool.
  7. Wipe Spills – don’t ignore spills as they just happen. Wipe them up. Spills can slippery.
  8. Hold the Handle – yes, when working in the pots on the stove, steady the pots and hold the handle while stirring.
  9. Don’t Wear Dangling Jewelry – dangling jeweleries, such as: a bracelet may get tangled with the pot handles.
  10. Move Pot Handles away – pot handles in front of the stove may tempt a child to grab or an adult may bump into them and spill hot food. So, keep them out of the way.
  11. Keep Raw Meat and Poultry Separated – this procedure is meant to prevent cross-contamination of harmful bacteria from one food to another.
  12. Don’t Haste – rushing around the kitchen will almost inevitably cause accidents. Chop food slowly. Take your time when handling pots and pans.
  13. Don’t Cook under the Influence – it is a big no-no. Wait until you are sober. Do not cook under the influence of alcohol or medications.
  14. Use Hot Pads – it is a must. Store a range of hot pads and oven mitts. Don’t pull out bowls out of the microwave oven without using them.
  15. Don’t Use a Wet Pad – until it dries. A wet pad easily transmits heat.
  16. Stir Maintaing a Distance – some of the liquid in the pots may bubble up and hit your hand or face. So, stir away from your body and position the bowl away from the body.
  17. A Crash-Course on Knives? – do not try to chop and slice quickly as professional chefs. Learn how to use a knife and handle it with care.
  18. Learn about your Equipment – read the instructions before you start operating any appliances. Don’t use any electronic appliances without understanding them fully.
  19. Don’t Lift any Object Exceeding your Limit – don’t try to flex your muscles when lifting a hot pot of boiling pasta, unless you are physically strong.
  20. Stay away from Steam – steam can also burn. So, when lifting the lid off a boiling pot, pull the cover toward you.
  21. Get a Fire Extinguisher – you’re constantly working with fire. So, having a fire extinguisher in the kitchen will do no harm, rather it can help you avert a disaster.
  22. Watch out for the Food Cooked – when you’re baking or cooking, do not leave the house. Food can quickly burst into flame. So, never leave food unattended.
  23. Get the First-Aid Kit – you never know when you will suffer an injury. If you do, make sure you’re fully equipped to treat injury. So keep a first-aid kit in the kitchen.
  24. Stop, Drop and Roll – yeah, remember these words when your clothing will catch on fire. Teach your kids about them too.
  25. Turn off the Oven – finished cooking? Yes, turn off the oven and unplug all electronic appliances before you leave the kitchen.

Bottom Line – who doesn’t love cooking? When cooking, kitchen safety should be your priority too. In this article, I mentioned 25 safety tips your family and you can follow in the kitchen. So, make sure you observe them. Your precaution can save you and your loved ones from injury or accidents.

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