20 Vegetarian Dinner Recipes to Make the Most Out of Your Cast Iron Skillet

Are you a health-conscious person?

Do you prioritize your and your family member’s health over anything?

Are you looking for vegetarian and meat-free dinner recipes for eating healthy?

Staying healthy is always not about cherry-picking what food you should or should not be eating. Sometimes it all comes down to how you prepare it. But, we are so fixated to our nutritional needs that we forget the bigger picture.

We often ignore the kind of pots and pans we use to cook. If you’re someone who doesn’t stint on spending on organic foods, then you can’t but choose cookware that can offer numerous health benefits.

I’m talking about a cast iron skillet. When pots and pans made from aluminum and stainless steel are dominating cookware, some people still hold on to cast iron cookware — relics of the past. The reason is very simple! People opt for cast iron cookware once they learn about the benefits of cooking with them.

Being a country girl, I developed the knack of cooking with cast iron cookware. It turns out cast iron pans dominate many modern pieces of cookware in terms of safety and durability.

A cast iron pan is usually associated with preparing meat-heavy dishes or bacon. However, in this article, I’ll show you how to cook up amazing dinner dishes without sacrificing your nutritional needs. I compiled 20 of the best vegetarian and semi-vegetarian dishes for you and your loved ones during the dinner time. Let’s find out about them:

1. Mushroom-Asparagus Frittata

Mushroom-Asparagus Frittata

It’s a very good veggie dish. It’s one of my favorites. I learned how to prepare the dish from my mom. She used to prepare the dish on the weekends. All of my family members find the dish delicious. Even my 2-year-old wants for more after finishing her plate. The recipe ingredients include butter, olive oil, mushroom, asparagus, eggs, thyme, mozzarella cheese, etc.

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2. Vegetarian Paella With Chickpeas

Vegetarian Paella With Chickpeas

I prepare this dish when I don’t feel like doing something extravagant. The dish is extremely simple to prepare. All you have to do is throw tons of veggies in your cast iron skillet, add some rice and stock. That’s it! You’re done 90%. Paella is also a great thing to prepare for the beginners. The recipe ingredients may include olive oil, sliced red and green pepper, tumeric, tomatoes, etc.

3. Tomato Cobbler With Cornmeal-Cheddar Biscuits

Tomato Cobbler With Cornmeal-Cheddar Biscuits

I usually like preparing this dish during the summertime. That’s because you can find the freshest tomatoes during that time. Tomatoes are a combination of vitamin A, C & K and juicy flavor that you can’t resist. Besides tomatoes, the recipe combines caramelized onions, thyme, garlic and cornmeal cheddar biscuits.

4. Santiago Salsa (Beans and Rice Dip)

Santiago Salsa (Beans and Rice Dip)

This dish is easy to prepare. And, it’s simple ingredients may make some dubious of its ability to be dinner. Yes, it may be considered by an appetizer by many. The dish is healthy and delicious. Its ingredients include pinto, black and navy beans, diced tomato, ground cumin, garlic powder, white rice, etc. You can substitute the rice with brown rice.

5. Green Shakshuka

Green Shakshuka

if you’re wondering what Shakshuka is, it’s originally a North African skillet egg dish. It’s traditionally prepared with chunky, spicy tomato sauce. The dish is pretty versatile to prepare. You can sear any vegetable, crack some eggs over it and you’ll have a delicious dish. The great thing about the dish is you can prepare it any time of the day. You’ll need olive oil, large leeks, chili pepper, eggs, etc.

6. Upside Down Tomato Corn Cake

Upside Down Tomato Corn Cake

If you already prepared tomato cobbler and skillet corn bread, then you’ll find the dish relatively easy to prepare. What sets this dish apart from the tomato cobbler is the sweetness of a classic tarte Tatin. The ingredients include cherry tomatoes, yellow cornmeal, granulated sugar, baking soda, kosher salt, etc.

7. Tex-Mex Migas





Mex Migas-the name sounds catchy, doesn’t it? “Migas” means “crumbs” in Spanish. The dish comprises of stale bread, diced onion, salt and pepper, eggs, salsa, etc. The dish can be prepared during any meal of the day, be it for breakfast, or for late-night. It is an easy dinner to make. So, make sure you try this one.

8. Broccolini With Butter Beans

Broccolini With Butter Beans

This dish will make you appreciate your cast iron skillet. Simply because you can create summertime grill flavor during any time of the year. Broccolini is a great component to make a quick weeknight vegetable side dish. Just throw lemon zest, butter beans, toasty almonds, and you’ll have a dish that is so crunchy and sweet.

9. Black-Eyed Peas and Dill Potato Skillet

Black-Eyed Peas and Dill Potato Skillet

who can resist the taste of potatoes, eggs, and veggies thrown all together? It delivers hearty comfort. The dish is really delicious. You can prepare this one for yourself or for your family members altogether. All you need is dried black-eyed peas, olive oil, diced shallots, fresh rosemary, etc.

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10. Brussels Sprout and Egg Skillet

Brussels Sprout and Egg Skillet

This may be hailed as a breakfast dish, but I found that Brussels Sprouts do wonders for filling you up. So, I sometimes prepare it for dinner. With a little salt and pepper, you can add genuine flavor to it. The ingredients may include shredded Brussels Sprouts, diced red onion, olive oil, etc.

11. Black Bean and Cheese Enchiladas with Ranchero Sauce

Black Bean and Cheese Enchiladas with Ranchero Sauce

The sauce adds such savory flavor that you won’t let a drop escape your mouth. Start preparing the dish with dried ancho chiles. It’s an easy dinner that includes ingredients like dried ancho chiles, olive oil, chopped yellow onion, sliced garlic cloves, etc.

12. Chipotle Black Bean and Rice Skillet

Chipotle Black Bean and Rice Skillet

You’ll love this Chipotle Black Bean and Rice Skillet. Why? Because it comes together fairly quickly and easily and can satisfy one or two hungry people. Just prepare the rice ahead of time. And, heat olive oil on medium-low heat, add onion, then cook until fragrant. Throw in black beans, spices, salt on rice. Also, add lime juice and water.

13. One Pot Rice and Curried Butternut Squash

One Pot Rice and Curried Butternut Squash

The dish is extremely easy to prepare. It is a must for cooking during fall in my home. The preparation of this dish involves a simple process that includes searing onions and garlic, then letting them sit for three-quarters of an hour. Make sure you keep rice well-coated with oil before introducing the tomatoes.

14. Roasted Romesco Potatoes

Roasted Romesco Potatoes

Another dish to prepare in the fall. When fall arrives, my daughter and my other family members find their appetites growing almost exponentially. It is because of cold, or whatever, I don’t mind keeping them full with this dish I learned when I was in Sacramento. Anyways, you’ll need silvered almonds, hazelnut pieces, roasted red pepper, vinegar, paprika, etc. to prepare it.

15. Caprese Grilled Cheese

Caprese Grilled Cheese

I wait for tomatoes to be in their prime just to prepare this dish. Throw in mozzarella to amplify the fun. Thick diced tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella and that’s it! You’re done with the ingredients. Now tuck them between two slices of crusty sourdough bread and you’ll have healthy and nutritious dinner.

16. Summer Squash Gratin With Salsa Verde

Summer squash is not summer squash until it’s all yellow. And, for zucchini, when it turns green. However, you can use them both interchangeably, simply because they taste about the same. The recipe ingredients include fresh breadcrumbs, summer squash salt, unsalted butter, salsa Verde, etc.

17. Greek Scramble

Greek Scramble

Scrambles only work with nonstick surfaces. Cast iron skillets are naturally nonstick, therefore I am grateful for this pan. As the name implies, the recipe is Greek-inspired. You’ll need baby spinach, onions, eggs, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes.

18. Spinach and Refried Bean Quesadillas

Spinach and Refried Bean Quesadillas

If you ever wondered why you should stow a bag of spinach in the fridge, this recipe will show you why. With this recipe, you’ll have to sear the spinach and squeeze any liquid out. After searing the spinach, throw them into quesadillas. Black or pinto refried beans; either of them will work fine. Other items include olive oil, finely chopped clove garlic, chili powder, etc.


19. Tofu Steak with Miso and Ginger

Tofu Steak with Miso and Ginger

If you have been to Japan, you’ll notice most of the restaurants over there feature this recipe. The restaurant version features egg, so do many tofu steaks. First rinse tofu, then slices them and mix them with miso, ginger, and water. Before serving, you can add scallions and sesame seeds.

20. Warm Chickpea Salad With Cumin & Garlic

Warm Chickpea Salad With Cumin & Garlic

The last recipe in this article is a magical one. Always save the best for last, wouldn’t you? You can prepare this dish for lunch as well. It melts in your mouth with tiny cumin seeds, red chili flakes, and crisp cucumber.

Bottom Line – what makes a good dinner? If you have finished reading the article, I guess you have found the answer. Yes, the recipes listed her will always make you dinner an enjoyable and fulfilling one.

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