The Best Grill Pan for Gas Stove and Electric Stove

To get the best results from your cookware, it’s significant to know which material will work best with your type of electric cooktop. If you really want the best grill pan to make burgers and chicken on without having to use any outdoor grill such as charcoal. And it’s also important to have a right size cookware when preparing your food. While all pots and pans can be used inside an electric oven, but I think you know different materials work better with different cooktop surfaces. Double Griddle Pan Heavy Duty Aluminum Grill Skillet is one of the most multipurpose cookware products and it promises to meet all your demands!

Big families and close friends share unique moments and wherever you are, the metal skillet is going to work to cook your foods to share an energy boosting breakfast or a delicious dinner!

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  1. Cook Eggs & Bacon, Grill Garden Vegetables and make yummy Pancakes at the same time! This wonderful double burner griddle pan is made of highly durable aluminum alloy and it promises to meet all your demands. The professional hard anodized exterior of this griddle is harder than stainless steel. It is the best grill pan for Gas stove. But it can be used on an electric stove as well.
  2. This top-rated grill pan features a specially designed, flat interior which has a double layer non-stick coating. This fantastic double gas and electric stovetop griddle have been greatly planned to provide you with ample space in order to make grilling easily, quickly and effortlessly! The perfectly even heat distribution along with the fact that food never sticks to the pan.
  3. Premium Quality, Incomparably Durable Construction, and Double Layer Non-Stick Interior, this cooktop grill skillet is a must have for every kitchen. Whether you desire to cook for the whole family, or you are planning a friends’ gathering around the table. Large 19’’x11’’ Cooking Surface will help you to maintain everything easily within a short time.
  4. Ideal for all types of food and every occasion and also perfect for Electric & Gas Stovetop Burners, Outdoor & Indoor Use. The cooking and grilling surface of the griddle which is smooth and flat assures perfectly even distribution of heat, helping to make mouth-watering dishes and save time and effort.
  5. The lightweight, portable design of this stove burner grill skillet assures effortless handling and save some time for yourself and forget about spending hours scrubbing your pans once and for all! Double Griddle Pan is dishwasher safe, helping you to easily keep it clean and enjoy maximum hygiene.


Customer Rating4 out of 5 stars (9) 
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Item Dimensions
Material TypeAluminum


  • Perfect for big family breakfasts
  • The core is a pure aluminum
  • Smooth finish allows for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for use on an electric stove


  • Ridges could be higher
  • A bit bulky to store
  • Cumbersome handles

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Could this griddle be used in the oven to bake cookies as well as a stovetop for pancakes?
Answer: Yes it can be used for both.

Question: Would this work on an electric stove top?
Answer: Yes it will.

Question: Would this work on a Gas stove top?

Answer: Yes it will. It is the best grill pan for Gas stove and electric stove.

Question: Can I use this on an induction top?
Answer: Will not work.

Large double Griddle Pan is perfect for big family breakfasts a healthy dinner. French toast, grilled cheese, griddlecakes, eggs, bacon; the options are endless with double layer non-stick interior coating griddle pan. This pan is made of extra thick aluminum alloy with three layers of super non-stick coating for healthy, low-fat cooking with exceptional results. This is better than expected because the price was so low. So don’t waste your money on cheaply made grilling skillets which get warped in no time! Buy once and enjoy for life!

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