How to Use a Grill Pan – Step by Step Guide

If you live in a city or in an apartment, now you don’t need a backyard to enjoy the experience of outdoor grilling on this summer. Some people simply don’t have outdoor space to enjoy the real grill. If you’re bombarded with all of these attractive-looking grill recipes and juicy grilled burger photos and want to cook along with this amazing grill marks at home. Now you can do it at home just using a grill pan in a right way.

You know a proper and quality grill pan will last a lifetime and these are inexpensive too. And to be honest these grill pans are perfect to provide you with a lifetime of tasty, healthy food with the signature scotch flavor you would expect from a grill. Moreover, they are relatively easy to use and take care of. In this article, we will explain the best way to use a grill pan by following a few simple steps.

What to Cook in a Grill Pan

  • Lamb chops
  • Steaks
  • Fish steaks like salmon, halibut, tuna or swordfish
  • Jumbo shrimp
  • Thick sliced vegetables like eggplant, zucchini
  • Peaches or other stone fruit

How to Use a Grill Pan

As I said, grill pans are perfect for anything you wish to cook at a very high heat, with little to no added fat and also provide those restaurant-like grill marks. A grill pan will deliver flavors that a standard pan won’t. Follow the step to get those grill marks and flavors:

Step 1: Choose a grill pan

Cast iron grill pans normally come in two sizes. One is a normal fry pan size with deep ridges on the bottom surface. They also come round but the square version will more easily to use and provide lodging or sufficient space for chops, steaks, pieces of fish, or lengths of vegetables. Cast iron is generally the best choice because of its heavy weight and allows heating evenly and quickly. And these grill pans have either a cast iron cooking surface or a nonstick surface. And you know nonstick surfaces can be easier to clean.

The second size is big and flat and convenient for the two-burner pan. These grill pan normally have a ridged top for grilling on one side and a flat griddle surface on the other. These type of pans are great for party or gathering as they can handle a large amount of food.

Step 2: Remove any protective coating

Cast iron pans often come with a preservative coating on them which helps to prevent them from rusting on the store rack. But you need to remove this coating before use by scrubbing the pan thoroughly with water and a scouring pad.

Step 3: Season your grill pan

In order to prevent rust and want to keep food from sticking, then you must need to be seasoned your cast iron pans before they’re used. To do this, stream some vegetable oil on a paper towel and then rub the paper towel around the pan. And the process will leave a sleazy layer of oil covering the whole pan.

Then bake it, empty, for about an hour and set oven temperature to 350 – 400 degrees F (176 degrees Celsius).

After that let it be cooled and need to rub out any excess grease and give it a quick, soapy rinse. And remember most cast iron pans come with instructions on how to do this. And you can also follow them. The pan will be ready for use after this seasoning.

Step 4: Cook your food and amazing grill marks using the grill pan

Remember every time when you use it instead of putting the pan into a dishwasher or soaking in soapy water, just rinse it out with hot soapy water, maybe helped with a rigid brush.

Before placing food on the pan you need to brush the griddle lightly with oil before and cook using only high heat. Oil will keep food from sticking to the grates. Just a little bit of neutral oil is enough to get that non-stick surface. I think you know, using a grill pan on low or medium heat will cause food to stick. Note that cooking with a grill pan can cause a bit of smoke, so you need to turn on your smoke hood and open a window.

Step 5. After Cook Clean your grill pan

If you have no time to clean it effectively with water and a rubbing pad, stream some kosher salt onto the pan and scrub it with the rubbing pad. This should remove any built-up food.

And most importantly avoid using soap on a cast iron pan. Doing so will undo any seasoning work that you have invested into it. The more you use a cast iron pan, the more seasoned it becomes. And the more seasoned, the more non-stick it is.

Step 6: After cleaning season and store the pan

After cleaning the grill pan, dry it immediately with any towel or something else so that it won’t rust. Or if you keep it on air dry will invite rust. Before keeping it on the store, rub another light coat of vegetable oil into it with a paper towel.

After each use of the pan, scouring it with vegetable oil will continue to season it, and it will bring out better and better result with age.

Important Note

If your grill pan rusts, just scour it off with something like Brillo. Removing rusted from the grill pan can be tough but still, they need a particular type of care if you are going to get the best result which means developing and then protecting its seasoned surface.

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