How to Cook on a Stove Top Grill?

Of course, there’s nothing like grilling outdoors, but it’s possible to achieve that perfect sear on the stovetop, too. Check out our how to cook on a stove top grill and enjoy the amazing taste. Even during the years when we didn’t have a BBQ, we did plenty of grilling on our stovetop. Anyone can use a stove top grill pan for breakfast items – bacon, fried eggs, pancakes, hamburgers, French toast. Or can plan a dinner for the weekend.

Stove-top grills give the scope for indoor grilling along with little or no fate healthier cooking and allow you to enjoy that grilled taste without all the hassle. A stove-top grill is a round metal disk with different layers including vents.

You can also buy a grilling pan, similar to a frying pan, with a grill mold raised up from the bottom of the pan and great for grilling meats, seafood or vegetables. I suggest you don’t go for a nonstick (a.k.a. easy-clean). You will never get it hot enough. Go for cast-iron and go for a two-burner version if you have space. A stove-top grill is most often used on glass surface stoves, while a grilling pan is used on any stovetop surface. Here’s how to Cook on a Stovetop Grill:

Here’s how to Cook on a Stovetop Grill:

  1. Firstly you need place the grill pan on the stovetop and heat it until it is very hot. And then turn the burner on medium to medium-high heat; and maintain that temperature throughout the cooking process. You’ll want the pan to be very hot when you’re ready to start cooking. But if you notice that the pan starts to smoke, it’s getting too hot and the heat should be turned down.
  2. Brush the grill pan with olive oil using a pastry brush. If you’re grilling with a marinade, brush loose pieces of herbs, garlic, etc. with oil so they don’t burn.

“To prep chicken and vegetables, I marinate them with a bit of olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice and lots of fresh herbs,” says Briscione. “But good steaks, like a rib eye, strip or filet, require only salt and pepper.” Position the stove-top grill near the middle of the smallest burner.

  1. Let the stove-top grill to heat as you would for an outdoor grill and you need to wait minimum 10 minutes for medium heat. Spray water on the surface; if it dances and bubbles, it means that the stove-top grill is heated.
  2. Set the item to cook on the grill and walk away. “A big mistake people make is wanting to mess with the food and check to see if it’s sticking or getting brown,” says Briscione.
  3. Stay with it and cook it for the required time. A steak might cook for five to six minutes on each side. Turn the food with pincers and don’t forget to us oven mitts or a kitchen towel to grab the grill pan handle if necessary.
  4. This will create a crisscross pattern, and make you look like a pro. Cook for another 5 to 6 minutes and repeat on the other side. If you are cooking more than one piece of food, allow 1/2 inch of space between items.
  5. The nature of grilling is to make that burnt, smoky flavor; unfortunately, that flavor is not possible without making a little smoke. If you want that flavor then open your kitchen windows and turn on fans before you turn on the flame.
  6. And it’s time to remove the food from the pan and turn the heat off. Allow the pan to cool on the stove top before cleaning it.
  7. Remember, you can always turn it back on the pan if it’s too red for your choice. But you can’t undo it if it’s overcooked, so you need to be careful.
  8. Grill pans are made from a variety of materials. So, you should check manufacturer’s labels for cleaning and care instructions.

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