Top 5 Stovetop Grill pan in 2017

Are you looking for the perfect stovetop grill pan?

Do you want to prepare delicious recipes right in your home?

Did you ever want to prepare hamburgers quickly, but it was raining outside to fire up the grill?

Chances are most of us will come up with an affirmative response. A skillet or grill pan, then, will come to your rescue. It offers an alternative method to grilling meat, fish, veggies or hamburgers.

There could be a multitude of reasons why someone is unable to fire up the grill. You could be living in a tiny apartment where grilling is impossible. You could be living in a place where generating smoke can raise a hue and cry. So, firing up a grill for a hamburger for the evening is a big no-no.

What if you want to get a fantastic steakhouse chargrill on your steaks, fish, and veggies right in your kitchen?

Then, what can you do?

Don’t worry! A stovetop grill pan will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. Although a grill pan can’t fully reproduce the flavor of the open flame, it will help you prepare crusty, tasty chargrill marks on a steak, fresh fish or veggies.

So, if you’re a first-time user or someone looking to up your grilling skill, I have not one, but four amazing solutions for you. In this article, I included everything you need to know for choosing your perfect grill pan. Moreover, I gathered top 4 stovetop grill pans in aluminum and Gotham Steel. The price range is also feasible – from about $25 to $69. So, let’s find out more about them:

How Can You Buy the Best Stovetop Grill Pan?

Sure, there are a plethora of choices when it comes to buying a stovetop grill. When looking to buy a stovetop grill, you will encounter numerous choices, types, and models. After all, if you can prepare something extravagant right in your home, why go out and pay for them at a restaurant? That’s why I compiled a few tips to find out the perfect stovetop grill pan for you.

  • Size – stovetops aren’t that big. So, if you’re going to buy a stovetop grill pan, make sure your stovetop can accommodate it. Measure the area of your stovetop. Then, purchase a stovetop grill pan accordingly.

#Pro Tip: a pan with a large surface area will obviously consume more room. But, make sure you know how much space you’ll need for grilling.

  • The grade of Grill Lines & Ridges – ridges is what most of us buy a grill pan for. Yes, you’ll find lots of different qualities of grill lines and ridges. However, high and sharply defined grill lines can deliver better grill lines than rounded and dull lines. If you need more caramelization, then look for a pan with deep and wide ridges. Plus, grill pans with that type of ridges are easier to clean up.
  • Weight – your grill pan’s ability to retain or conduct heat is related to its weight. So, make sure your pan’s weight is manageable and useful.
  • Non-Stickability – yes, some grill pans offer better non-stickability than others. If your grill pan has better non-stick coatings, then it means you’ll enjoy faster and efficient cooking.

#Pro Tip – make sure you taste out the stickiness of your grill pan. Cook some cheddar cheese with the pan to see if it latches onto your pan.

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Top 5 Stovetop Grill Pans

So, as you can see you’ll need a grill pan to prepare everything you’re only used to seeing at fancy restaurants. If you have the right stovetop grill pan, it is possible that you can impress your guests and your family members as well. A stovetop grill pan is something that can derive such chef skill that you never knew you had it in you!

Below is a list of the best-performing grill pans you can use on a stovetop:


1. Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 12-Inch Grill Pan

stovetop grill pan

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The grill pan has been ranked #1 in my list for many reasons. I’ve been using stovetop grill pans for years, but I haven’t used something so useful this one. Calphalon boasted the grill pan as an Everyday pan. I don’t see any reasons why it shouldn’t be called such. The grill pan can handle a variety of uses.

You can toss in virtually anything, and the grill pan will prepare it for you expertly. Most of the time, I use the grill pan to prepare ham and egg scramble. It browns my diced ham nicely. The pan comes with high sides add much value when you want to stir a lot of eggs for the scramble.

I first thought the grill pan wouldn’t be able to sear pork chops nicely. But, it proved me wrong and delivered fantastic sear on the pork chops. The grill pan is constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum.

The benefit of having such construction is that you can enjoy equal and even heating all around. Its nonstick surface features a triple layer of PFOA-free coating, which takes healthy eating to a new level. The grill is extremely versatile. It’s compatible with electric, gas, halogen, glass ceramic and electric rings.

What I like about it

  • Cooks fast
  • Heats faster than cast iron
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Roomy cooking surface
  • Stainless steel handles stay cool on the stovetop

What I dislike about it

  • Doesn’t retain heat well
  • Handles are a bit small to work with


2. Rachael Ray Cucina Hard-Anodized Nonstick 11-Inch Deep Square Grill Pan

stovetop grill pan


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Rachael Ray developed a reputation for manufacturing trendy and colorful cookware. The Cucina line didn’t do injustice to such reputation. What I absolutely love about this grill pan is that it is suitable for everyday use.

It’s easy to handle since it’s lightweight. The interior is also suitable for easy cleanup. The interior is furnished with a PFOA-free nonstick coating, thus releasing food easily. I tried searing with the grill pan and I found that it evenly browned my steaks. I’m constantly amazed at its ability to deliver heat evenly.

The secret to this feature is it is constructed with hard-anodized aluminum. As a result, it delivers fast and even heating. It features deep sides that reduce stovetop splatters highly. I prepared steaks, kebabs with it and it delivered appetizing grill marks onto them. Ridges on the bottom will help you accomplish that.

What do I like about it?

  • Distributes heat evenly on gas and electric ranges
  • Browns steak evenly
  • Nonstick cooking surface
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Exterior remained intact after prolonged use

What don’t I like about it?

  • Riveted handles, thus making it hard to clean

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3. VonShef 11-Inch Nonstick Cast Aluminum Clean Square Grill Pan

stovetop grill pan


This grill pan is manufactured as suitable for any stovetop. I don’t see why it is not! Because it features an effective 11″ in diameter and 1.5″ in depth. The dimension is extremely convenient for cooking for all your family members. It is infused with deep shallow grill and wide ridges. As a result, you can prevent food from coming in contact with grease and fats below.

This uniquely designed grade of ridges promotes healthier eating. Since it features a huge cooking surface, you can pprepare a wide range of dishes with it. I find the grill pan quite able since it distributes heat evenly. It uses induction technology, and the technology ensures equal heat distribution.

What do I like about it?

  • Solid construction
  • Ample cooking surface
  • Easy to carry
  • Extremely versatile for any ranges

What don’t I like about it?

  • Doesn’t retain heat well


4. Gotham Steel 10.5-Inch Nonstick Grill Pan


stovetop grill pan


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If you’re wondering what Gotham steel is, it is the avant-garde steel. It is designed to make cooking easy. It leads to advanced cooking process. With this steel, you will get nonstick cooking surface and super strong titanium.

No grill pan is completely sticking-proof. So, despite being constructed with Gotham steel, you can expect food to stick to its surface. However, this grill pan shows much stronger non-stickability than others. The reason why the grill pan is so popular is that it is much easier to clean up. It cooked efficiently for a variety of food for me. It did my eggs well. Fresh fish, veggies, and steak tasted extremely delicious.

What do I like about it?

  • Nonstick surface
  • Cooks well
  • Cleaning is a breeze

What don’t I like about it?

  • Prone to scratch
  • Shallow sides
  • Doesn’t do pancakes well


5. Kitchen + Home Stovetop Smokeless Grill Indoor BBQ, Stainless Steel with Double Coated Nonstick Surface

Hardly can you find a household without a stovetop! Whether you like cooking or not, a stovetop is an indispensable component of the kitchen. When you are unable to fire up the grill, a stovetop grill pan will come handy.

Many of us live in apartments or congested areas that we can fire up the grill due to the potential hazard, smoke, or something else, but that doesn’t mean we can’t savor the taste of grilled food items. Although a stovetop may not attach your food with the same flavor as the open flame would, it can certainly make crusty, perfect steakhouse chargrill marks on steak, fish or veggies.

As someone with 15 years of professional cooking experience, I too sometimes have to prefer a stovetop to an outdoor-style BBQ. And, I am consistently amazed at this stovetop manufactured by Kitchen + Home. I own a moderate picnic-sized charcoal grill, but this one offers many conveniences. Let’s discover who can benefit from Kitchen + Home Stovetop and why it is convenient:

Who is the Kitchen + Home Stovetop for?

  • If you are someone looking for the perfect tool to grill steak, veggies, or other BBQ food items indoors, then you can try Kitchen + Home Stovetop.
  • Living in an apartment where smoke will ignite the smoke alarm? Bring home this smokeless stovetop.



The stovetop is easy to set up. It is all assembled and ready to use. Cooking Kitchen + Home Stovetop is one of the convenient ways you can use to grill meat, fresh fish or veggies for your kith and kin. Grilling with the stovetop is extremely easy. You have to first preheat the grill for about 3-5 minutes on medium heat. It is written in the instructions that you have to pre-heat till you hear a sizzle. Kitchen + Home Stovetop is an excellent choice for people like me who live in an apartment. Kitchen + Home Stovetop is dishwasher safe.


Kitchen + Home Stovetop comes with a nonstick surface that allows you to cook your food faster without getting your food stuck on the surface like a limpet. The nonstick surface ensures that you get to stir and move the food around the surface. Kitchen + Home Stovetop has a drip pan to support the actual grill pan. The drip pan is made of stainless steel. The drip pan collects the drippings from the food you’re cooking. You can later smear the drippings on your food as a sauce.

Cook Healthy

Cooking with Kitchen + Home Stovetop is one of the most healthful ways you can employ to cook food. The stovetop can be your health-friendly alternative to pan frying or broiling. Kitchen + Home Stovetop Grill limits the odds of the introduction of fat and cholesterol in foods. Plus, it helps you cook your food fast while retaining flavor and juices.

best stovetop grill pan

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  • Easy to wash
  • Nonstick surface
  • Allows quicker cooking
  • Reduces fat and cholesterol in foods


  • Not completely smokeless


Q: Will the stovetop work on an electric stove?

A: Yes, it will. Kitchen + Home Stovetop works on both gas and electric stoves.

Q: Does the stovetop come with a lid?

A: No, it doesn’t.

Q: How do steaks look after being grilled on this?

A: Steaks may look closer to oven broiled.


Final Verdict

Kitchen + Home Stovetop is a fine stovetop grill that I constantly find convenient to grill meat, fresh veggies and fish indoors. It is easy to use and easy to clean. Anybody who likes grilling must bring home Kitchen + Home Stovetop.


Kitchen + Home Stovetop is awarded 4.0 out 5 stars on Amazon. Check out Amazon for more reviews.


Bottom Line – not all grill pans are built equally. And, not grill pans are made for stovetops. But, if you want a quality stovetop grill pan with the best result, these 5 stovetop grill pans will add value, flexibility, ease and efficiency to your cooking journey. One of the best things about these grill pans is that they are feasible. So, make sure your kitchen arsenal contains one of these grill pans.

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