Utopia Kitchen – The Best Cast-Iron Square Grill Pan: Comes Pre-Seasoned

Cooking is a journey, isn’t it?

You get to acquaint yourself with all these amazing recipes, and techniques. Your neighbors start praising you for your cooking skills. Your partner starts looking at you in a different way. Yes, cooking reflects a lot. And, when it comes to grilling, there aren’t many food items that are as mouth-watering as grilled foods. It all comes down to the skillet you use. Since it holds the key to perfect cooking.

I don’t like compromising on searing. After pretty painful experiences with so-called nonstick steel and aluminum cookware, I decided to give the traditional cast-iron skillet a try. So far my experience with it is extremely pleasing. And, the skillet that proved effective is the Cast-Iron Square Grill Pan by Utopia Kitchen. Let’s find out how it changed my experience with skillets:

Who is the Utopia Kitchen Cast-Iron Grill Pan for?

  • Are you a health-conscious person? Then, you may know that a cast-iron skillet can supply your daily needs of iron. Since this grill pan is absolutely genuine, you can be sure of your iron needs.
  • Tired of half-cooked food? This grill pan by Utopia Kitchen delivers heat evenly and makes sure you get chicken in perfect shape.



My girlfriend has pretty limited tolerance for fat. She absolutely loves this skillet because it comes with a ribbed bottom that keeps grease from seeping into food. And, in this way, you can prepare low-fat cooking. Measuring 10.5 inches in diameter and 2 inches in height, this cast-iron skillet is highly rated for its ability to distribute heat evenly. Did I say how efficient it is to retain heat? Retaining heat is a requirement to have your food cooked to perfection.

Best cast iron square grill pan

I have used the pan to grill chicken, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and tomatoes. The chicken breasts came out perfect. But, make sure you marinate your food before putting them in the pan. Or else, the spices tend to seep through the cracks and become charred. The pan heats up pretty equally and quickly even on medium temperature.

cast iron grill pan Utopia Kitchen

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Cleaning up the grill pan is extremely easy. Before washing, it is a best practice to let it cool with whatever burned parts are left. Once cooled down, I wash the grill pan with dish soap and a scrub sponge. Washing and drying the pan doesn’t take that long. I let the pan dry by squeezing a paper towel in between the crevices. So it is the best cast iron square grill pan that is very easy to use and also not so costly.


  • Very durable and high-quality
  • Comes pre-seasoned, therefore you can cook immediately
  • Delivers heat evenly all across the pan
  • Both sides come with handles for ease of control
  • Fantastic grill lines on food
  • Cleaning is a breeze


  • Doesn’t come with cleaning instructions
  • Would have been more useful if a bit bigger


Q: How much does the grill pan weigh?

A: The Utopia Kitchen Square Grill Pan weighs in at 7.3 lbs.

Q: What does the grill pan measure?

A: The grill pan measures 10.5 inches in diameter and 2 inches in height.

Q: How can I clean it?

A: To clean your grill pan to near perfection, just scrub the pan with a stiff brush, then pour water on it and let it dry.

Final Verdict

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This is a heavy-duty grill pan perfect for cooking meat and veggies. I love the grill marks the pan leaves on my chicken breasts and sandwiches. The marks are exquisite and so steakhouse-like. It is a bit heavy, but overall I’m pleased with the pan.

If you wish to learn more about the Utopia Kitchen Cast-Iron Grill Pan, visit Amazon for more reviews

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